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Blackberry Application

Blackberry Application Development

We are developing Blackberry Applications With our long experience to clients from diverse industrial background.So, Young Minds Hong Kong technologies can be the best option for your Blackberry Application Development.
We provide solutions and services related to blackberry application development that is streamlined and suited best for our clients based on the requirements and hence leverage on our expertise to help achieve the desired business goals. When you are coming with a long term outsourcing relation, we take end-to-end responsibility for executing effective practices of your business. We can ensure you fast turnaround and high quality output at a reasonable rate get the desired results according to your needs. We offer our clients real time tracking of the project progress by providing a constant touch point between the client and the team.

BlackBerry Solutions & its Applications

A rich business solution provides its users the comfort to connect and collaborate anytime anywhere. Not just through an email, personal information and voice but also through the Enterprise Mobility solutions offered for Field Service, Instant Messaging, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management , Sales Force Automation and many more. All these tools and applications are necessary for you to make important decisions for your businesses when it matters most . Our management consultants can assist businesses identify the optimal solutions and our technical domain expertise leverage on the skills and assets to deliver BlackBerry business solutions specific to your industrial requirement and help your business grow better and faster.

All BlackBerry phones are java based, and there are two options for developing software on them: MIDP/CLDC and BlackBerry specific APIs. The generic MIDP/CLDC route would work on any java based phone (or at least could be debugged on any java phone). Or you can opt to use RIM specific APIs that give you more BlackBerry specific functionality.

Hiring Blackberry Application Developers

Our Blackberry Application Developers, they will be working to provide you every possible technical support throughout the working hours, even in shifting hours. We don’t charge any start-up or maintenance cost or taxes through the period of development. For long term outsourcing projects of Blackberry Application Development we make a close analysis of the projects to fulfill your needs. We provide our prestigious clients with real time project updates and deliverables through a constant touch point with the technical team.