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Content Management System

CMS Website Development

CMS stands for Content Management System and helps to manage your website on your own with less technical knowledge, thus, saving you from repeated consultancy fee from a web development company in Hong Kong. There are several CMS solutions to meet your need. We have few light weighted CMS solutions that can be used to manage your website for pages, sub pages, photo gallery, newsletter, subscriptions, news, team, portfolio, contact etc.

We develop all kinds of CMS website. We study your requirements and budget and based on that offer you following solutions.

Custom CMS Website Development
Custom CMS website development is recommended to those whose requirements are not very common and very specific. They could be for there own HR planning, CRM etc and not just a simple website. The cost for such projects depends on your requirements and complexities. You can always place a quotation request by clicking on the Quotation link on the top-right of this page. If your requirements are straight forward, then you can use any of the below opensource solution.

CMS Website Development HK

Wordpress is an Opensource system that is very popular and easy to use. It was originally developed for bloggin and is highly used because of its amazing performance in enhancing website's search engine rank. You can find more details at The development of a CMS is relatively quicker in Wordpress and is very useful for simple websites and blogs.

Joomla is another Opensource system which is very powerful and is used to create powerful websites and web applications. Joomla can be used to build websites, community sites, blog, forum, directory, shopping cart etc by installing pluggins that are availabe in the extension store of joomla. It is recommended if you are planning to scale your website in future. More details can be found in

Prestashop is an award winnig opensource system that is primarily used to build shop websites. It can be used to create meduim scale to high scale shops, multi-store. It comes with several modules already installed that allows you to accept several means of payment and shipping methods. It has several features such as discount, stock management etc. For details, please visit

Magento is considered as most powerful ecommerce system and has highest market share. But as you know every coin as two face; magento is complex in lot ways to achieve desired goal. For details, please visit

Mobile CMS
Mobile CMS are actually same custom CMS but developed for mobile platform based on your needs. It is actually same as the custom CMS solution.