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PrestaShop is software that is built on the smarty template engine supporting payment platforms such as PayPal, Google checkout and many others. The software is designed for small to medium businesses and is thus very popular amongst online shops. Prestashop uses AJAX while other modules can be installed to provide extra functionality; such modules are available for sale as PrestaShop add-ons.

We recommend that, if you are an owner of an online shop or small to medium sized enterprise, PrestaShop Ecommerce Development is the best way for you to go. This is true for there are much more advantages in doing so than there are disadvantages. In order to clarify this, we are going to talk about the features of this software for both you and your customers.

We are going to look first at the features of PrestaShop which are provided to your customers. The software makes sure it notifies all your customers of existing special deals, price cuts as well as gift vouchers on offer. All customers will be given access to a list of available products as well as the category for the latest and most popular products. If the products they are looking for are not available there is no need to worry for there is the section which allows customers to order products which are out of stock or are not included in the list of available products. The software includes the search tool which makes it easier and faster for clients to locate a product of their choice.

The most important feature for the customer is the payment methods section. This software makes paying online so much easier with the variety of payment methods it supports. What about when customers wish to return some of the purchased products? This software has a section for the merchandise returns and credit slips. The features are endless!

What about the features this software provides to the shop or enterprise owner? Well, just as is the case of the features mentioned earlier on, they are numerous so we will mention just a few of them. Of these features included are unlimited product specs, unlimited product combinations as well as product categories. This feature helps in organizing your products according to function making it easier for you to locate them.

The software provides you an unlimited number of currencies, which you can enter into your records as well as allowing you to enter various tax settings. This is very helpful for taxes vary according to country as well as region, so this software takes out all the confusion that may be brought by this. The software supports bar codes allowing you to easily control your stocks. The software also can send you sms alerts and e-mail delivery reports which keep you in touch with your clients.

PrestaShop also optimizes your site on search engines as well as providing you with information on the number of people visiting your site. You will also be provided with newsletters as well as notifications of available updates to the software.