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Web Products

Young Minds HK, a web design and web development company in Hong Kong has developed following products after researching different clients need over the online business. These are few web applications that will enable your business over the internet to a large audience world wide.

Product Catalog System  Product Catalogue System
PCS gives you an ability to update your product gallery. You can add, edit, delete product images, name, code, prices, description. Receive Orders via email, enquiry cart etc
Shopping Cart System  Shopping Cart System
SCS gives you an ability to sale your products or sevices online over the internet. It has all the features that PCS has and You get your cash collected to your internet accounts like
Content Management System  Content Management System
CMS gives you an ability to update your website content whenever you want with no technical knowlege requirement. It allows you to create pages, add contents, images, links etc to it.
Management Information System  Management Information System, WhiteBoard
MIS is a web application that is made for schools or colleges to manage there Students, Faculty, Accounts, Library Informations. Online results, books issued/ available, download tutorials, assignment etc.

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